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Meet the Lilyfield Chiropractic Team


  Dr. Chris Gilchrist is the Principal Chiropractor at Lilyfield Chiropractic

Dr. Chris Gilchrist

Chris completed his Masters of Chiropractic in 2001 at Macquarie University in Sydney. Soon after, he travelled to Scotland to work as a Chiropractor abroad.

It was here that Chris came into contact with Jesse Jutkowitz and Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC). He has been practicing ABC to help patients unwind for over 7 years.

James from Straighten Up joins the clinic on Thursdays

James from Straighten Up

James is available at the clinic on Thursdays. He works comple-mentary to Chris offering gentle targeted massage which is desig-ned to accompany and accelerate the unwinding process.


Pala is a chiropractic assistant and receptionist at Unwind Chiropractic

Pala & Daphne

Pala (pictured) & Daphne are Chris' very valuable assistants. They create the smooth runn-ing environment which allows Chris to devote all his time to his client.

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