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Support your Unwind with these Products Available at our Clinic

We occasionally stumble upon a product that we have found to be very helpful during your body's unwinding. Both the chiropractic mattress and seat wedge are available at the clinic for you try out.

For more information about the Max products, please click here.

We keep a regular stock of liquid magnesium supplement. Magnesium is an essential element which hundreds of enzymes in our bodies require to function. And yet, it is something many of us are deficient in. Magensium can help with energy levels, general health & we've also read some really interesting reports that, if taken prior to conception, it can reduce the likelihood of morning sickness dramatically.

Please ask us at the clinic for any more details about these products.

Support your body Chiropractic Care Mattress Available in Single, Double, Queen and King sizes. Test it out at our clinic today.

    Support your body seat wedge help you to maintain a comfortable posture when seated. It is ideal for use in cars, at home and in the office global pulse liquid magnesium supplement

  Cellgevity Glutathione Enhancement by Max International MaxnFuse Energy Supplement Max ATP Energy Supplement
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