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Our Unwind Lifestyle stream takes you from a place where movement may be painful or uncomfortable and supports you to move into joyous, free-flowing movement.

Or maybe, you’re pain-free but would love to explore the infinite potential of a well-moving body. 

Unwind Fact

Did You Know...

Injuries and niggles from exercise and training are not “normal”. Too much focus on the “right” technique might be doing your body more harm than good?

The Unwind Lifestyle process will illustrate how limited your current movement patterns are and show you the freedom of movement that’s available with a naturally aligned form.

How the Lifestyle Journey Works

  1. Bring your awareness to the innate knowledge and power your body already holds.
  2. Highlight the sticking points and areas where your body is trying to communicate with you using its natural intelligence system.
  3. Translate the story your body wants to tell and make the necessary adjustments to release old patterns. Doing so immediately opens up space, which allows the body to drive its desired movements mechanics.

Choosing our lifestyle journey means writing new chapters in your story. It ignites transformation and infinite possibilities. You haven’t finished writing the book of your life, let’s make it extraordinary.

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